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WWD to Offer Weekly Print Edition Instead of Daily

WWD has announced that it will offer a weekly print publication instead of a daily one. The final daily print edition will be the April 24th issue. WWD will focus on the web for daily news. Read more... March 14, 2015

Uber Launches Quarterly Print Magazine

Uber has launched a quarterly print magazine called Momentum. The magazine was designed for Uber's driver partners. Uber says it has 150,000 driver partners. Read more... March 3, 2015

Barneys Launches The Window Magazine

Barneys has launched a print magazine called The Window. The magazine is essentially an advertisement for the retailer. Actress and model Rebecca Dayan covers the Spring 2015 issue, the first print issue of the publication. Read more... February 17, 2015

Jon Stewart to Step Down as Host of The Daily Show

Jon Stewart announced last week that he is retiring from The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Stewart is the face of the satirical show and has been the host since 1998. The show was initially hosted by Craig Kilborn. Stewart says he will retire by the end of 2015. Read more... February 16, 2015

Ballantine Communications Launches Dorado Magazine

Ballantine Communications has launched a new luxury lifestyle magazine called Dorado. The magazine is targeted at residents living in the Southwest U.S. A photograph of a woman hiking can be seen on the scenic cover of the launch issue. The publisher says the magazine "embodies the diverse spirit of the Four Corners region, from its dramatic landscapes to the creative individuals who flock to its small towns and the thrill-seekers who come in search of adventure." Read more... February 10, 2015

Kalmbach is Launching a Magazine About Drones

Kalmbach and Discover are launching a new print and digital magazine called Drone 360. The magazine will debut on March 24th. The magazine will cover everything drone-related, including remote-control quadcopters, military UAVs and the latest FAA regulation. Read more... February 3, 2015

Meredith Buys Shape Magazine

Meredith has acquired Shape magazine from American Media (AMI). The move will mark the end of the print version of Fitness magazine as Meredith will be combining the two titles. Scorpions star Katharine McPhee is featured on the cover of the above issue of Shape. Read more... January 28, 2015

CNN Gets FAA Approval to Test Drones for News Gathering

CNN announced it has worked out a deal with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that allows it to test Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (also known as drones) for news gathering purposes. CNN says the FAA will use data collected to see build a framework for the safe use of drones by the media. A time frame for the launch of the tests has not yet been announced. Read more... January 14, 2015

12 Killed in Attack at Paris Office of Charlie Hebdo

12 people have been killed in an attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attack took place at the magazine's regional office in Paris. The publication was among those that republished cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammed in 2005. The cartoons were originally published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The magazine also published some of its own Muhammed cartoons. Read more... January 7, 2015

Hearst Planning New Print Magazine Launch in 2016

Print magazines are not completely dead. While many of them are having trouble attracting and retaining readers there are still new ones launch each month. Professor Samir Husni, known as Mr. Magazine, says that there were 855 new magazines published in 2014. Read more... January 5, 2015
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