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October 22, 1997

Cox Interactive Media's San Diego Studio Launches SanDiegoInsider.com

SanDiegoInsider.com, a product of Cox Interactive Media's (CIM) San Diego Studio, is an online community designed specifically for San Diegans. The site's content includes sports, recreation, entertainment, topical events and news.

"More than our content, SanDiegoInsider.com is a new interactive community that gives San Diego's 675,000 online users a chance to participate in the site and to talk about how they live, work and play in San Diego," said Mark Forster, city site manager at the San Diego studio. "Online communities are not simply about collecting information, they are about bringing people together to share their knowledge of the community."

Each SanDiegoInsider.com community has hosts, who run the gamut from TV personalities to publishers of specialty publications in and around the San Diego area. For example, sports announcers Mel Proctor and Mark Grant of Cox Channel 4 will keep San Diego up-to-date on all the Padres news and moves.

CNET, Inc. Names Robin Wolaner Executive Vice President

CNET, Inc. announced that it has named Robin Wolaner, founder of Parenting Magazine and former President and CEO of Sunset Publishing, Executive Vice President in charge of CNET's technology publishing operation, a newly created position. Wolaner will be responsible for the overall operations and management of CNET's network of Web sites and services devoted to computing and technology.

Halsey Minor, Chairman and CEO of CNET, stated, "Robin is associated with some of the publishing world's greatest successes. With her track record of innovation and intelligence in management, product and business development, Robin will be an enormous asset to CNET. We are looking forward to having her on our team as we move to establish CNET's leading network of sites as major media properties."

Most recently, Wolaner has been Chairman of Online Partners, an Internet affinity group marketing company, and an advisor to other early-stage companies on electronic publishing ventures. Prior, she was President and CEO of Sunset Publishing Corporation, a unit of Time Publishing Ventures, where she was responsible for the turnaround of the 98 year old magazine and book company, doubling its profitability. Wolaner introduced the company's first electronic products, including a gardening CD-ROM which produced over one million dollars in profits.

Flying Solo Awarded Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval

Flying Solo, an online resource that helps people to understand and deal with major life transition issues such as divorce, disability and matters affecting the elderly, has been awarded the Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval in recognition of the site's contribution to excellence in content for parents.

According to Parenting Q&A, sites chosen to receive this award meet strict editorial guidelines, offer vital information to parents and families in a well-written, concise format, and are easy to access and navigate. The review process for the Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval is based on 14 years of experience serving parents and publishing award-winning parenting information.

The Flying Solo web presence is based on a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column and provides information under two major sections. The Divorce and Separation area includes topics such as custody issues, mediation, and remarriage and step-families. Topics in the Elderly and Disabled section cover critical issues such as long-term care, Social Security, and estate planning.

The Real Dot Comm Found In Southern California

The real ".COM" -_ who is otherwise known by friends, family and loved ones as Dorothy Comm -_ resides in Banning, California and is a 68-year-old mother as well as a published author and tenured college professor of English and appropriately-enough, communication. With the global reach of ".COM," it's to be expected that Dot, as she is more commonly known, has lived around the globe. She was born in Kansas, spent her childhood in Singapore, her teen years in Australia and England, and has worked in Canada, the West Indies and the Philippines.

As for the Internet, Dot primarily uses it for receiving and sending email over two email accounts, but plans to use the massive reach of the World Wide Web for academic research purposes. The university where she teaches is online, and Dot looks forward to utilizing those resources.

Excite's quest for ".COM" turned up a number of impostors -_ everything from a small, colorful tropical lobster, a newspaper columnist and a cartoon strip from Vancouver, B.C. -- but the real Dot Comm remained elusive until the afternoon of August 20 when a mysterious photo appeared in an Excite employee's cubicle. Following an investigation and subsequent phone call, Ms. Comm was identified as the winner.

"I'm excited about expanding my Internet experiences from simply using email to surfing the entire Web," said Dorothy Comm, Ph.D. "I've heard my colleagues talk about URLs, Java, downloading; I don't know what they are, but I can't wait to figure out what they are and what they do." She added, "As a college professor, I know that `.COM' is truly an international key to the very best the world has to offer. To make a mark and leave a legacy of this magnitude is really quite an honor and one I didn't expect."

Infonautics Launches Redesign of Electric Library

Infonautics unveiled Electric Library '98, a newly revised version of the company's online and subscription based reference service.

Improved Search Capabilities: In addition to Electric Library's natural language searching, which allows members to pose queries in plain English, advanced researchers can now enter their queries using standard Boolean "and," "or," and "not" operators. Another new search option enables members to select from a list of more than 20 subjects, including business and finance, computers and current events, in order to narrow their search by subject matter, leading to faster, more precise search results. Finally, a "Recurring Themes" feature can enrich the research process by revealing recurring people, places and subjects that appear in a member's results list. Users can then click on one of these themes, and Electric Library will re-sort the results based on the highlighted theme.

Access to Internet Content: Electric Library is now bringing a "World Wide Web" of information to its members as a supplement to its own comprehensive database. When members conduct searches, they can elect to expand the search by clicking on a "Related Internet Sites" icon. This launches a customized search engine, which then finds quality information on the Internet.

Electric Library can be found at http://www.electriclibrary.com, as well as http://www.education.elibrary.com.


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