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Posted on November 16, 2006 has acquired the wiki-based FAQ Farm website for $2 million. FAQ Farm claims 12 million montly pageviews and says it has 280,000 unique questions and answers on its website.
FAQ Farm was founded in 2002 by Chris Whitten, a pioneer in the Q&A arena, who realized that the wiki model could be used to prevent the same questions from being asked repetitively, and enable answers to be improved upon collaboratively so that they combine different people's perspectives and experience. Chris will continue to oversee and improve FAQ Farm, and will integrate the site's content and technology into while adding the authoritative sources of to FAQ Farm.

"FAQ Farm will complement our encyclo diction almanac apedia of nearly four million topics by allowing users to ask questions or look up related answers on a specific Answers topic," continued Rosenschein, "An interactive relationship can tap into the wisdom of many people and enable them to become part of something bigger."

The popularity and success of the wiki platform is based on several elements that set it apart from other modes of communication. First, participants require little or no technical expertise to participate in the community. In addition, wiki entries are "organic" as the content is continually enhanced: When new information becomes available, an existing topic is edited and improved as opposed to being left outdated, incorrect, or contradictory.
The press release says FAQ Farm will integrated into in Q1 of 2007.
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