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Facebook Reportedly Developing a New Camera App (April 26, 2016): Facebook is reportedly developing a new camera app. It will open directly to a camera.

The Verge Launches Gadget Blog Called Circuit Breaker (April 25, 2016): The Verge has launched a new gadget blog called Circut Breaker. It is billed as the world's best.

Ponder Bills Itself as an Anti-Social Network (April 15, 2016): A new photo and video sharing app named Ponder is calling itself an anti-social network.

Facebook Battles Shift Away From Personal Sharing (April 10, 2016): Facebook is reportedly battling a shift away from personal sharing on its social network.

Mashable Announces Layoffs, Scraps World News and Politics Coverage (April 7, 2016): Mashable has announced layoffs. Most of the layoffs are editorial jobs covering general news and politics.

Facebook Attaches Automatic Alternative Text to Photos (April 5, 2016): Facebook announced it has started adding automatic alternative text to photos shared on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Time Inc. Now Owns Myspace (February 12, 2016): Myspace has fallen into the hands of Time Inc. It was part of the purchase of the assets of Viant.

Twitter Suspends Over 125,000 Accounts for Promoting Terrorist Acts (February 5, 2016): Twitter has suspended a large number of Twitter accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. These acts were primarily related to ISIS.

Blog-related Domains For Sale (February 1, 2016): If you are looking for a great domain name for your blog we have several good ones available.

Reactions Coming Soon to Facebook as Like Button Alternative (January 27, 2016): Reactions are coming soon to Facebook to offer an alternative to the universal Like button.

Twitter Changes Stars to Hearts and Favorites to Likes (November 3, 2015): Twitter has changed the icon used when favoriting a tweet from a star to a heart.

Who's Down is a New Social App from Google (October 31, 2015): Who's Down is a new social app for Google for letting you know if you friends are available to do stuff.

New York Times Closing Down City Room Blog (October 26, 2015): The New York Times is closing down its blog called City Room.

Virtual Reality Facebook Demonstrated on Jimmy Kimmel (September 5, 2015):

Mark Zuckerberg Says 1 Billion People Used Facebook on Monday (August 28, 2015): Mark Zuckerberg says