DC Comics Folds Minx Graphic Novels

Publishers Weekly reports that DC Comics is folding Minx. Minx was a line of graphic novels targeted at teen girls. The New York Times says Minx was unable to find a large enough audience.
Minx, a line of graphic novels published by DC Comics for young adult female readers, will cease publication in January, according to a statement released by the company. The creation of the Minx imprint was announced in late 2006; with assistance from Alloy Marketing & Media, which produces the "Gossip Girl" novels, DC had planned to promote the imprint to an audience averse to traditional comic-book shops. But the books did not find enough of an audience.
An article on IGN has the following statement from DC Comics about the closure of Minx.
"Minx will cease publication beginning January '09. Minx was an experimental imprint for DC Comics and we are extremely proud of the books we published and the stories we told during the past two years. We thank all of the writers and artists who lent their talents to our endeavor and especially thank readers who came along for the ride. DC Comics remains committed to publishing diverse material for diverse audiences as we continue to welcome new readers."
The Minx website can be found here while it lasts. It looks like about a dozen books had been published in the imprint.

Posted on October 5, 2008

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