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· Rihanna's CFDA Gown Challenges News Outlets (June 4, 2014): Mainstream media had trouble covering Rihanna's racy CFDA gown. The gown was see through and impossible to show on television.

· John Oliver Gives Brilliant Explanation of Net Neutrality Controversy (June 3, 2014): John Oliver delivered a scathing indictment of cable companies and their assault on Net Neutrality. He also issues a call to action to all internet commentators.

· CNN Fires News Editor Marie-Louise Gumuchian for Plagiarism (May 16, 2014): CNN has fired news editor Marie-Louise Gumuchian for plagiarism. CNN says it identified 50 articles with plagiarized content.

· The Onion to Launch ClickHole Site in June (May 14, 2014): The Onion will launch a new site called ClickHole in June. The site is described as a BuzzFeed parody.

· Jill Abramson Out as New York Times Editor (May 14, 2014): Jill Abramson has been ousted as editor of The New York Times. She has held the position since September 2011.

· Katherine Goldstein Named Editor of (May 13, 2014): Katherine Goldstein has been named editor of Vanity Fair's website, The announcement was made by Graydon Carter.

· Announces Acquisition of Warrior Forum (April 19, 2014): has announced the acquisitoin of Warrior Forum, an Internet marketing forum founded in 1997.

· Microsoft Producing TV Shows for Xbox Live (April 7, 2014): Microsoft is producing TV shows for the Xbox Live. It already has six shows in production.

· NBCUniversal Shutters Daily Candy (April 5, 2014): NBCUniversal has shuttered the Daily Candy shopping newsletter and website.

· Chicago Sun-Times Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Subscriptions (April 4, 2014): The Chicago Sun-Times has become the first major newpaper to accept bitcoin.

· Chad E. Gutstein Named CEO of Machinima (April 2, 2014): Chad E. Gutstein has been named the CEO of Machinima. He was formerly COO of the Ovation television network.

· Biglari Holdings Acquires Maxim From Alpha Media Group (February 28, 2014): Biglari Holdings has acquired Maxim from Alpha Media Group for an undisclosed amount.

· Chicago Tribune Launches Trivia App (January 26, 2014): Chicago Tribune has launched the Tribune Trivia app used trivia questions crafted frrom Tribune archive articles.

· AOL Finds Partner to Run Patch Local News Service (January 17, 2014): AOL has found a partner, Hale Global, to run Patch, its local news service. The deal was announced January 15.

· Yahoo Launches Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food (January 7, 2014): Yahoo has launched new vertical sites, Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food.
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