People Spend as Much Time Online as Watching TV

Posted on January 31, 2006

TechWeb reports that a new survey has found that consumers are now spending the same amount of time online as they do watching television.
Respondents to a U.S. consumer survey said they spend 14 hours a week on line, which is the same amount of time in front of a television, JupiterResearch said.

"Even the most intensive users of newspapers and magazines spend less time reading these publications than they do online or watching TV," JupiterResearch analyst Barry Parr said in a statement. "TV and newspaper companies risk losing an entire generation of users unless they immediately start promoting their online products,"

The Internet is displacing the use of other media, such as radio, magazines and books. The latter is suffering the most, with 37 percent of all online people reporting that they spend less time reading books because of their online activities.
The fact that more people are spending time online is also part of the reason cable and television networks are starting to offer their content online.
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