Technology News

Snapchat Raises Another $200 Million for $20 Billion Valuation (May 23, 2016): Snapchat has reportedly raised another $200 million giving the chat social network a $20 billion valuation.

Instagram Unveils New Logo and App Design (May 11, 2016): Instagram has unveiled a new look for its logo and its popular photo sharing app.

Australian Entrepreneur Craig Wright Claims He Created Bitcoin (May 2, 2016): Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright claims he is the person behind Bitcoin. Some are disputing his claim.

Facebook Reportedly Developing a New Camera App (April 26, 2016): Facebook is reportedly developing a new camera app. It will open directly to a camera.

The Verge Launches Gadget Blog Called Circuit Breaker (April 25, 2016): The Verge has launched a new gadget blog called Circut Breaker. It is billed as the world's best.

PicsArt App Raises $20 Million in Funding (April 20, 2016): The PicsArt app has raised $20 million in funding to target growth in China and Japan.

Modern Luxury Media Launches Silicon Valley Magazine (March 26, 2016): Modern Luxury Media has launched a new Silicon Valley magazine targeted at an affluent readership.

CNN Gets FAA Approval to Test Drones for News Gathering (January 14, 2015): CNN has announced it worked out a deal with the Federal Aviation Administration so it can test drones for news gathering purposes.

Dr. Dobb's to Cease Publishing (December 29, 2014): Dr. Dobb's will cease publishing content on at the end of 2014

Barnes & Noble to Spin Off Nook Business (June 26, 2014): Barnes & Noble plans to separate its Nook business. The company recently partnered with Samsung to make the devices.

Computerworld to Cease Publishing Print Edition (June 21, 2014): Computerworld plans to cease publishing its print edition. The website will continue with a redesign.

Ziff Davis Acquires Computer Shopper Website (May 16, 2012):

PC Magazine Launches iPad Edition (March 26, 2012):

Funny or Die Launches iPad Magazine Called The Occasional (March 13, 2012):

The Write News is Now on Google+ (January 13, 2012):