The Altantic Launches Weekly iPad Edition

Posted on June 18, 2013

The Atlantic Weekly

The Atlantic has launched a weekly iPad edition, The Atlantic Weekly. The magazine will cost $1.99 an issue. A monthly subscription costs $2.99 and an annual subscription will cost $19.99. Content will come from, The Atlantic Wire and The Atlantic Cities. The new issue also includes a story from deep within the publication's archives - Henry Thoreau's "Walking," which originally ran in The Atlantic in 1862.

The Atlantic says, "We are asking readers to pay for this magazine. The reason is that we are putting work into it--by editors, designers, and developers--and at least for now we're not including any advertising. This is, for us, another experiment in putting to use any new means available to create and support the journalism of ideas that distinguishes The Atlantic. We hope you will value it."

The weekly paper can be found here on

Photo: The Atlantic Monthly Group
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