12-Year-Old Runs Popular Sports Blog

Posted on September 3, 2006

An The Ann Arbor News article says a 12-year-old named Nick Barnowski has one of the most popular sports blogs on AOL. Nick's blog is called Sports Nut's Sports Blog.
On any given day, Nick opines about anything from his favorite Detroit sports franchises to NASCAR to which players have the best and worst hair in the World Cup. On average, he makes two posts a day, combining his love of writing and sports to create what has already earned the designation of AOL's Sports Blog of the Week.

"I'm most impressed with how prolific he is," said Jamie Mottram, who appears on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" as the program's blogging expert.

"Nick posts something just about every day and offers a nice mix of commentary, links, photos and quotes."
Unfortunately, Nick says he won't be able to post as much because he is about to start school.
When I get home.....I will be doing my homework, because school comes before everything. Then with other stuff, I have hockey and friends.

So don't expect me to make as many entries and I usually do.
The article says Nick hopes for a future job as a "newspaper sports reporter or SportsCenter anchor." He seems headed in the right direction. It also sounds like he has the right attitude about school.