2002 Eppie Award Winners Announced

Posted on March 28, 2002

The winners of the 2002 Eppie Awards have been announced. The Eppie Awards recognize outstanding achievement in electronic publishing. Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) members, who are all published authors, judge the categories. Two rounds of judging occur: the first determines the finalists, the second determines the winners. The winners are announced and honored at the EPIC conference's gala award ceremony. The awards have been given out annually since the first EPIC conference in 1999.

2002 Eppie Award Winners

Rogues Together by Edward M. Turner (EBooksOnThe.Net)

Blood, Threat & Fears by Robert L. Iles, Christine Spindler, Elizabeth Dearl & Dan Sontup (Avid Press)

The Mystery Of The Octagon House by Gay Toltl Kinman (RFI West)

Contemporary Romance
Cowboy In My Pocket by Kate Douglas (Hard Shell Word Factory)

Fantasy *Tie
Winters Orphans by Elaine Corvidae (NovelBooks, Inc.)

Fantasy *Tie
The Crystal Throne by Kathryn Sullivan (RFI West)

Shadow In Starlight by Shannah Biondine (LTD Books)

Treason by Meredith Whitford (Jacobyte Books)

Historical Romance
Dakota Dawn by Marion Marshall (New Concepts Publishing)

Horror *Tie
Borderland by W.J. Calabrese (Wings ePress, Inc.)

Fate by Robert Arthur Smith (NovelBooks, Inc.)

Inspiration Fiction
Sea Of Hope by Penelope Marzec (Awe-Struck E-Books)

Mystery *Tie
Twice Dead by Elizabeth Dearl (Avid Press)

Buried In Baltimore by Louise Titchener (Hard Shell Word Factory)

Nonfiction (Philosphy)
The Price Of Freedom by Alexander (Sandor) V. Domokos & Rita Toews (
Nonfiction (Self-help)
Become A Romance Writer by Lori Soard (Fabjob)

Murder by David Halliday (Wordbeams)

Romantic Suspense *Tie
Sirens Song by Kimberly Grey (
Midnight Intentions by Michele Bardsley (Self-Published)

Science Fiction
MotherShip by Tony Chandler (SynergEbooks)

Single Title/Mainstream
Cousin Feely by J.B. Jones

For Honor by Y. L. Harris (New Concepts Publishing)

Western *Tie
Ride A Cold Wind by Judith R. Parker (E-Pub2000)

Man Hunter by Dusty Rhodes (Self-Published)

Young Adult
A Star For Courage by Elizabeth C. Main (Hard Shell Word Factory)

Quasar (cover art)
Cowboy In My Pocket cover by Kate Moore (Hard Shell Word Factory)

Special Award
Friend of E-Publishing: to Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow, publisher of Romantic Times Magazine

Florence Moyer Service Award
Linda Slater