Ads and Other Features Coming to MSN Spaces

Posted on January 26, 2006

MSN SpacesEWeek reports that MSN Spaces is about to update with some new features. The article says Microsoft is going to offer bloggers the option to earn revenues with third-party advertising tools from companies like Kanoodle and
The latest scuttlebutt is that MSN Spaces is partnering with Getzville, N.Y.-based Kanoodle Inc., a provider of Web advertising. This way, MSN Spaces bloggers can choose ads to display, and share in revenues based on the number of clicks generated, according to the sources.
Another feature is called LiveContacts. eWeek says LiveContacts "automatically informs subscribers of any updated blog entries, according to the published accounts." That sounds like an RSS feed but it is different and allows bloggers to publish different information to different groups of people according to an entry on LiveSide, a website which follows Microsoft developments.
Firstly, it allows a user to publish different information to different groups of people. Personal information can be available only to their Messenger contact list, for example, while business related information could be available publicly.

Secondly, it allows people who subscribe to your information to be automatically informed of any updates you make, be it via your Spaces profile or your Messenger and Mail Beta contact list. It is worth noting that users can view who has subscribed to their Live Contacts information.

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