Alan McElroy to Write Screenplay for Bonesaw

Posted on May 21, 2005

Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that controls an independent library of comic book characters, and The Shop Productions, a film production company specializing in computer-animation, have chosen Alan McElroy to write the screenplay for the $18 million budgeted CG theatrical horror feature, Bonesaw, based on the Platinum Studios graphic novel by Rob Moran. Production is set to begin in early 2006, and be completed Fall 2007. McElroy will be splitting his time between his Ohio home and the Vancouver production offices of Bonesaw. McElroy is no stranger to adapting comics to film, as he worked closely with comic book star Todd McFarlane, writing both the Spawn feature film and the Emmy-winning first season of the animated series. Bonesaw is about a horror-fantasy writer who discovers that her hit novels are about to release the villain Bonesaw and the other hellish creatures she's been writing about into our world.
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