Announces Cross Promotion of New Teen Book Series

Posted on December 13, 1999

Alloy Online, Inc., an Internet destination for teens, has partnered with Pocket Pulse, a teen book imprint of Simon and Schuster, and 17th Street Productions, producers of books for teens, to offer online cross promotion for the book series, Fearless.

"This partnership is helping Pocket Pulse expand its scope to the more than 10 million teens Alloy reaches each month through our Web site and our catalogue by offering an alternative to traditional book marketing and distribution," said Matt Diamond, co-founder and CEO of Alloy Online.

The Alloy Online site allows fans to experience the series through the eyes of Gaia Moore, the super-tough main character who was born without the fear gene. Teens can explore "GAIA's LAPTOP," read Gaia's e-mail, poetry and journal entries, download pictures, screensavers and desktop icons, chat with other Fearless fans, view sneak previews of the next book and take a virtual audio and video tour of Gaia's downtown Manhattan neighborhood. The site is updated regularly by a content and programming team from Alloy and 17th Street Productions.

"GAIA'S LAPTOP at is an integral element in our promotional campaign for Fearless," notes Nancy Pines, Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books for Young Readers. "It's an extremely satisfying, ever-changing site packed with depth and breadth."
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