American Booksellers Association Announces Book Sense 76

Posted on September 3, 1999

The American Booksellers Association (ABA) has announced the launch of "Book Sense 76," a monthly list of 76 books selected by 1,000 Book Sense independent booksellers across the country. Independent booksellers have a long tradition of "handselling" books and of displaying staff favorites with personal notes. The 76 list represents a combined national and local staff pick selection of booksellers' favorites from a wide variety of Book Sense independent bookstores.

The Book Sense 76 list is a selection of books from backlist, current and forthcoming titles falling within thirteen categories, including art and music, children's books, community and culture, fiction, history and biography, mystery and science fiction, poetry, and young adult. Booksellers have also included some older rediscovered books. The ABA has also created a "Top 13" list, representing the books from the Book Sense 76 list which have received the most votes from booksellers.

"We're very excited about the Book Sense 76 list, which is the latest initiative in the Book Sense campaign," said ABA Chief Executive Officer Avin Mark Domnitz. "The Book Sense 76 is a hand-selected list of recommendations from independent booksellers which truly reflects the knowledge and passion of independent booksellers."
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