American Experience Online Covers Polar Explorer

Posted on February 9, 1999

Richard Byrd and his landmark expeditions with Alone on the Ice can be found on a new Web feature from The American Experience Online. The site debuted on Saturday, February 6, 1999.

Richard Byrd claimed a number of firsts: first to fly over the North Pole, the South Pole, and first to experience winter in the interior of the Antarctic. The American Experience Online takes a hard look at Byrd the explorer, aviation pioneer and scientist. The Alone on the Ice website accompanies the broadcast of the one-hour documentary on The American Experience.

The American Experience Online produces a companion website for every new television broadcast of The American Experience, with information beyond the broadcast including program schedules, teacher's guides, audience feedback, and links to related sites. The American Experience Online also produces WayBack: US History for Kids, a US history webzine targeted to kids ages 9 to 13 first released in November 1998.
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