Anything Kanye Blogs Can Only Make Him Stronger

Posted on October 1, 2007

Kanye West BlogRapper, producer and songwriter Kanye West has started a blog on his Kanye University website. Most of his blog entries are posts of YouTube videos with a short comment. Some of his posts are videos of his songs, clips from media coverage or photos from his travels. Kanye has also discussed shoes, robots, pool parties, fashion, De La Soul and educaton. He also covers offbeat subjects including a post about a lady who falls while trying to make grapes.

It looks like the first post was made on 8-27-07 but Kanye has picked up the pace since then. TMZ commented on Kanye's posting frequency and calls him "a regular Michael Crichton."
The hip hop artist swore off MTV after losing out yet again at the channel's Music Video Awards, and since then, he's been working overtime to post on his site. Yesterday alone, Kanye posted five times. He's a regular Michael Crichton.

What's Kanye blogging about? Everything from his fave YouTube clips (he's a big fan of Feist and Brit indie band Bat for Lashes), to his favorite sneakers. But Kanye's favorite subject? Himself, of course. The blog is chock full of pics, videos and news clips confirming Kanye as "the king of rap."
Kanye also posted a YouTube video clip of his recent skit on SNL where he poked fun at himself. Kanye clearly had the best pumpkin. Kanye's been pretty active on the Internet lately. A couple weeks ago he was helping MySpace select featured artists.

Note: The Kanye University website is no longer available. His official site is now
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