APA Gears Up For Audiobook Month

Posted on May 24, 2000

The Audio Publishers Association (APA) is currently revving up for its third annual "June is Audiobook Month" campaign. First, to get the word out, the APA will run radio spots nationally on pubic radio to promote Audiobook Month. As in the past, there will also be a national public relations campaign accompanied by the distribution of thousands of promotional materials earmarked for bookstores and libraries who will, in turn promote audiobooks to their patrons. The special promotional materials include over 200,000 sampler cassettes that contain excerpts from last year's Audie winners and selections from current bestseller lists. In preparation, the sampler is currently available as streaming audio on the APA website.

Every year, sales volume for audiobook publishers and resellers nationwide has increased as a result of the APA's Audiobook Month project. After Audiobook Month 1999, the APA analyzed the results and found that audiobook sales had soared more than 30% over the last four years.

"The audiobook market is becoming stronger all the time. Those who are already audiobook fans are listening more than ever. At the same time, we are consistently attracting new fans," comments Paul Rush, APA President. "This year, we expect to build on the success of the last four years. We want to do more business with major chain retailers and also expect to create more exposure for audiobooks in non-traditional markets."

Audiobook Month 2000 will be launched at the Audio Publishers Association's Annual Conference (APAC) on June 1 at the Chicago Downtown Marriott Hotel, on the eve of BookExpo America. In addition, APAC will offer a series of informative presentations, exhibits, notable guest speakers, and seminars.

The same weekend in Chicago will also feature the Audie Awards, on Friday evening, June 2nd. This black tie gala brings major visibility to the world of audiobooks, their authors, their publishers, their narrators, and the various facets of production and distribution. The event will take place at Chicago's famed Field Museum, with its dramatic lakeside setting and exciting co-host -- Sue, the world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sue will have just gone on display at the Field Museum and will be on view for the Audie guests along with the Dead Sea Scrolls which are on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Tom Bodett, the NPR radio personality and memorable voice in the Motel 6 ads, will be the Master of Ceremonies.

The APA is a not-for-profit trade organization consisting of over 200 member companies including publishers, resellers, distributors, and suppliers along with other industries related to the production, promotion, and sale of audiobooks. The mandate of the APA is to deal with the concerns of the industry; assure the ongoing production of high quality products; to initiate research and the distribution of relevant data; and to nurture solid relationships among the consumers, the reseller, and the industry itself.