Apple Reportedly Ordered Suppliers to Make 5 to 6 Million Apple Watches

Posted on February 17, 2015

Apple Watch

Apple has reportedly ordered 5 to 6 million units of its upcoming Apple Watch for the first quarter. The watch is expected to be available for purchase in April. Time will tell if it becomes the next big thing for the top tech company.

Reuters reports that Apple has requested the 5-6 million Apple Watch units from its Asian suppliers. The company put in the most requests for its Apple Watch Sport design, which is the cheapest of the watches.

Reuters also says a source told the WSJ that Apple expects to produce over 1 million watchers per month in the second quarter. It remains to be seen if there is that much demand for smartwatches. It seems like there was considerable more interest for the iPad ahead of its launch date. However, if smartwatches do catch on it will not be a surprise to see Apple dominate.

Photo: Apple