Apple Reports $10.2 Billion in Net Profits for Second Quarter

Posted on April 24, 2014

Apple has reported its second quarter results. The tech giant made $45.6 billion in revenue for $10.2 billion in profit ($11.62 per diluted share) during its second quarter. By comparison, Apple had revenues of $43.6 billion and profits of $9.5 ($10.09 per diluted share) in the second quarter of 2013.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says in the announcement, "We're very proud of our quarterly results, especially our strong iPhone sales and record revenue from services. We're eagerly looking forward to introducing more new products and services that only Apple could bring to market."

9to5mac breaks down the sales figures for devices. The include 43.7 million iPhones and 16.3 million iPads. That's a nearly 17% jump in iPhone sales compared to Q2 2013 when Apple moved 37.4 million iPhones. Apple did not reveal details about how many of the phones are the cheaper iPhone 5c model. iPad sales were down compared to Q2 2013. iPad sales were 16.5% less in Q2 2014 when it sold 19.5 million iPads. Sales of Macs were about the same in both quarters.

Apple also shared the news that it has moved 20 million Apple TV units since 2007, which is impressive. Cook said the big sales number means he wills top calling the Apple TV product a "hobby." It is not clear how many of the Apple TVs sold are the latest slick black model pictured below.

Apple TV

Photo: Apple