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February 2001

February 26, 2001
· Stephen King To Provide More Online Content
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Author Douglas Clegg Joins Stealth Press
· Yahoo Provides Online Tax Center

February 23, 2001
· Survey Finds Consumers Want Free Web Content
· Lightning, BookSite Provide Ebook Services to Indie Booksellers
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Chicago Tribune To Co-brand Obits Section With Legacy.com
· BiZBash.com Launches New York Website
· Seattle and Atlantic City Join Real Cities
· Penton Media Acquires Nutrition Business Journal

February 21, 2001
· HarperCollins Announces Global Ebook Publishing Program
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Future Network Closes Magazines and Cuts Jobs
· A&E Television Networks Acquires Genealogy.com
· Reader's Digest Announces Content Agreement with Amazon.com
· Penton Media Acquires Hillgate Communications Ltd.
· Sesame Street's Elmo Trilogy to Debut in Ebook Format

February 15, 2001
· HarperCollins Signs Book Deal With Michael Crichton
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Warner Bros. Launches Harry Potter Website
· Franklin Ships EBookMan Device
· Away.com and Primedia Launch HistoricTraveler.com
· Transaction World Magazine Launches

February 12, 2001
· Google Acquires Deja.com's Usenet Discussion Service
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Yack Shifts to a Licensing/Syndication Model
· Rivals.com Inks Content Agreement with Yahoo
· Vivendi Universal Publishing Launches Education.com
· Ocean Drive Announces Ocean Drive En Espanol

February 9, 2001
· New York Times Syndicate Selects ScreamingMedia For Delivery
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Belo Launches English-Language Newspaper in Mexico
· Lightning and Didio Announce eAudiobook Alliance
· 1stBooks Reports Increase in Title Submissions
· Scholastic To Be U.S. Publisher of Barney Books
· StartSpot Mediaworks Launches HeadlineSpot.com

February 7, 2001
· Amazon.com Launches Honor Payment System
· iVillage and Women.com to Merge
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· Decanter.com and Wine.com Team Up
· Atomic Dog Acquires CourseWise's Textbook Program

February 2, 2001
· Crain Communications Expands Operations to Mexico
· Ziff Davis Media to Launch CIO Insight
· Juno and Britannica.com Sign Content Deal

February 1, 2001
· Adobe & B&N.com Announce Ebook Partnership
· New York Times to Sell Golf Properties to Advance Publications
· Publishing Industry Soundbytes
· CNNfn To Become CNN Money
· Ebook Trade Association Founded
· McGraw-Hill Professional Announces Alliance With DigitalOwl
· Meredith Expands Content Alliance With AOL
· Rovia and Houghton Mifflin to Deliver Electronic Textbooks
· Franklin Releases Content Developers' Kit for eBookMan Platform

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