Blog About Broccoli and Post Photos of Peppers

Posted on November 10, 2005

The image on the right is part of a banner ad Tripod has been displaying on Wired luring people to come to Tripod and blog about broccoli and post pepper pics using Tripod's blogging tools. Who doesn't think about finding a place to blog about broccoli everyday?

Here is what a few bloggers have to say about broccoli:

  • Greedy Kristian says in a post that it is time to declare thy loyalty to broccoli: "Raise up your granola bars and shout praises to healthy goodness. Now is the time of deliverance. Now is the time to declare thy loyalty to brocolli and carrots. Now if the time to show that thou wasn't not foolish in thy time of preparation, but thou didst show unto all that thy roots were firmly planted in the soils of nutrition."
  • Get Cooking notes that broccoli is healthy: "Study after study after study after study proves that broccoli is one of cancer's biggest enemies. It scares away ovarian, stomach, lung, bladder, and colorectal cancers." Hyscience backs this up with scientific research.
  • Broccoli Cooking Secrets: Slashfood has some broccoli entries in a post called "Chopping Broccolini."
  • At least 5,000 bloggers misspelled broccoli as brocolli according to Technorati.

    There are over 51,000 posts about broccoli on Technorati. There are also 3,111 pepper pics on Flickr so maybe Tripod is onto something with this marketing tactic.

    Image: Lycos