Survey: Most Bloggers Blog For Fun, Not Money

Posted on July 25, 2005

Here are some results from a recent BlogKits survey that asked the question "What is the primary reason you have a blog?"

  • It's fun - 14%
  • To make money - 18%
  • Blogging is cool - 3%
  • I like to write - 36%
  • It helps me relax - 1%
  • It's fun and I can maybe earn a buck while I'm at it - 28%

    Some bloggers wrote headlines suggesting that many bloggers are blogging just for money but this is simply not the case -- at least according to the survey. Only 18% indicated that the primary reason they have a blog is to make money. 28% of bloggers chose the "it's fun and I can maybe earn a buck while I'm at it" category but it would be a stretch to add these bloggers to the bloggers that are in it just for the money.

    According to this study (which was conducted by a company that promotes blog advertising) most people are just blogging for fun and/or because they like to write. If you look at most of the blogs on the Internet that seems pretty reasonable.
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