Bloggers Can Tell on Splogs at Splog Reporter

Posted on August 17, 2005

Splog Reporter is a new website where bloggers can report splogs or spam blogs that are clogging up blog search tools. The website was launched by Somewhat Frank following a post about splogs by Mark Cuban. Frank describes his idea behind the Splog Reporter in a recent post:
I recently launched beta for a simple website called where "good willed" bloggers can report sploggers. Verification will then be made on which submitted items are truly splogs. So please bookmark the Splog Reporter site and report any splogs you come across. The goal is to create a master directory of splog URLs to have removed from the search engines. So "good willed" bloggers of the blogosphere, this is your call to arms to rid the blogosphere of splogs.
The Splog Reporters slogan reads, "Report splog today and protect the blogosphere one splog at a time." Hopefully this will turn out to be a useful tool in removing some of the annoying splogs from the blogosphere. More about Cuban's splog post can be found here in a previous entry.

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