Blogging in the Military

Posted on March 11, 2005

The Army Times has an interesting article about some soldiers who are making money by blogging in Internet cafes. While the article does not give specifics it sounds like the primary revenue source is Internet companies sell advertising for bloggers because "finding paid advertisers may be too time-consuming for soldiers in a combat zone."

Some of the companies listed included Blog Ads, Google AdSense and Crisp Ads. Soldiers are also using blogs to get help and donations. The Army Times says Spc. Nick Cademartori, who runs The Questing Cat blog, has referred people who want to help to charities like Adopt a Platoon.

The most interesting part of the article is the The Army Times collection of blogging tips sent in by soldiers. Spc. Jason Hartley, of the blog Just Another Soldier says, "Have every legal detail worked out beforehand in regards to what you can and can't blog about."

Matt of Blackfive said consistency is the key to successful blogging: "There are millions of bloggers out there, and many don't last very long. Consistent posting and good stories/posts are harder to do than you might think."

And Cademartori from The Questing Cat recommends having a friend back home to help you with emergency updates. He says, "I'd hate to be in the middle of repairs on your site and have incoming force you to leave your page down."