Blogging Pizza

Posted on April 7, 2006

SlicePizza Marketing News has an article about food blogs, specifically pizza blogs. Slice is the pizza blog given the most attention in the article.
There several pizza-centered blogs, but NYSlice is the only one focusing wholly on ready-to-eat pizza. Blogs on sites such as and, while equally passionate about pies, focus on making pizza at home.

Adam Kuban publishes NYSlice, and his bloggers comment strictly on pizza in and around New York City. Great coal-fired pies are the standard for all pies judged by the group.

"There are a lot of foods that inspire passion, and pizza seems to be one of them," Kuban said, explaining why he started the site. The Oregon native got hooked on pizza when his dad experimented with home recipes, and the move to Manhattan a few years ago landed him in pizza heaven. "I've got the bug for it for sure. I'm a passionate consumer when it comes to pizza."
Slice is a must-read if you are a pizza lover. Adam Kuban even recently teamed up with Gothamist for a pizza party. The Slice-Gothamist pizza party is described in this post. There are other pizza blogs the article did not mention. In addition to pizza blogs the article also mentions a few blogs covering other foods: The Burrito Blog, Starbucks Gossip, and
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