Blogging Sports Fan Plans 366 Sports Events in 366 Days

Posted on December 15, 2006

Joe McMackin, a huge sports fan, is trying to get people and sponsors together to help him attend 366 professional sporting events in 366 days beginning January 1, 2008. McMackin says the trip will consist of "every Major Sporting Event which will include the Superbowl, World Series, NBA Finals, The World Series of Poker, Major Horse races, etc."
How would you like to watch 10 people travel across the Country and see 366 professional sporting events in 366 days starting Jan 1st 2008? That is what I, Joe McMackin, am setting out to do. Why 366 days? Because 2008 is a leap year. In regards to the other nine people that go with me, it will be a mix of friends and people who can bring me value. Being a great driver, film editor, writer, website designer/developer, or bringing in a large sponsor are the types of value you can bring to this trip.
McMackin already has a schedule posted on his blog but it is still just a promotional idea at this point. The biggest problem here will probably be getting tickets to the major sports events. That would also be an extremely hectic travel schedule. A blog about the ambitious goal could certainly garner readers.
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