Blogging Tip: Squirrel Some Blog Nuts Away To Use Later

Posted on February 20, 2007

Daily Blog Tips suggests professional bloggers should keep some pre-written blog posts around for use during an emergency.
Bloggers should always have a clearly outlined posting frequency. It does not matter if you post once a week, three times per week or every day as long as your readers are aware of that (in reality I advocate that if you are serious about blogging you should write at least 5 weekly posts, but that is not the central point of this article).

The problem is that most people have other activities that might disturb the normal posting schedule. Your family might need your attention certain times or you day job might require some extra hours of work on specific periods of the year. The best solution for those emergencies is to have some posts already written, just waiting to be published.
Trevor Hampel agrees with the idea of emergency posts. It would be difficult to be very timely with a previously written emergency blog post but that's not to say it wouldn't work. You are also going to have to be pretty organized to do that. You will also have to be patient enough to avoid going ahead and posting the blog post you are supposed to be saving for an emergency.

Prolific novelist Stephen King wrote a novel called Bag of Bones where the lead character was a successful novelist named Michael Noonan. Noonan kept some previous novels he had written "safely tucked away in a safety deposit box in case of an emergency." Stephen King was just writing about a fictional character so there is no way of knowing if Stephen King himself actually kept a a novel or two stored away for an emergency. But it sure sounds like something a smart hard-working novelist might do and if it can work for novels then it could surely work for something much shorter like a blog post.