Blogs and Blogging News Archives: Page 2

This is page 2 of the blogs and blogging news archives.

Southwest Airline Seeks Blog-o-spondent (August 25, 2008): Southwest Airlines is looking for a new blog-o-spondent.

GigaOm Acquires jkOnTheRun (July 29, 2008): The jkOnTheRun mobile gadget blog has been acquired by the GigaOM blog network.

World's Oldest Blogger Has Died (July 14, 2008): Olive Riley, the world's oldest blogger, has died at the age of 108.

New York Times: Blogging is Dangerous (April 6, 2008): Is blogging dangerous and deadly? The New York Times says yes, it is.

Another Print Blogging Magazine: Artful Blogging (March 29, 2008): There is a second print publication about blogging called Artful Blogging.

Blogging May Have Psychological Benefits (March 8, 2008): The Discovery Channel is reporting that a study published in CyberPsychology and Behavior found that there may be some psychological benefits to blogging and/or using online communities like MySpace.

Alan Colmes Launches LiberalLand Blog (December 27, 2007): According to entries on The Huffington Post, Inside Cable News and TV Newser Fox News anchor Alan Colmes has a "secret blog" called Liberal Land.

Sports Analyst Stephen A. Smith Bashes Bloggers (December 11, 2007): Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith lashes out at the sports blogosphere in a rant.

Diablo Cody Explains How Blogging Can Help You Find Hollywood Success (December 1, 2007): Screenwriter Diablo Cody explains how starting a blog can help you find success in Hollywood and become a screenwriter.

NaNoWriMo Inspired NaBloPoMo (November 20, 2007): You have probably heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) but you may not be aware that it inspired the creation of a blogging couterpart called NaBloPoMo.

How Much Are The Top Blogs Worth? (October 3, 2007): 24/7 Wall St has a post asking who is going to buy the big blogs.

Nintendo Employee Fired Over Personal Blog (September 26, 2007): The Stranger is reporting that Nintendo fired a technical recruiter Jessica Zenner when they discovered her blog called Inexcusable Behavior.

Blog Covers the Comically Large (September 23, 2007): There is a new blog that covers comically large things like the giant pickle, giant noodle soup, giant video game controller, giant watermelon, giant Ritz crackers, giant phone, giant penny, giant safety pin and giant blue box of dental floss.

President Bush Meets With Bloggers (September 19, 2007): The Washington Post reports that President Bush met with bloggers following his recent Iraq speech.

Former President Bill Clinton is Blogging (July 19, 2007): Former President Bill Clinton is blogging on the Join the Journey website.

Annoying Internal Linking Trend (July 12, 2007): For the past several months an annoying internal linking trend has been emerging on some of the top technology blogs.

Blog Aims to Name Music Leakers (June 28, 2007): A new blog called Thou Shall Not Leak aims to leak the names of those in the music business who "leak music to people ahead of release dates illegally.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? (June 27, 2007): Paula Neal Mooney has a big list the includes the earnings of a number of bloggers.

Blog Launched to Help Departing SF Chronicle Employees (June 8, 2007): Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle announced plans to cut 100 editorial positions -- about 1/4 of the newspaper's editorial staff -- by summer's end.

Millions of Dead Blogs Won't Stop Blogging (June 6, 2007): The Tuscaloosa News has an interesting article that says cyberspace is becoming littered with dead blogs.