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CBS Launches Political Hotsheet
CBS has launched a new blog called the Political Hotsheet. (December 4, 2008)

Joe the Plumber to Become Joe the Blogger?
Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became known as Joe the Plumber during the 2008 election. (November 15, 2008)

John McCain Launches a Blog
John McCain recently launched a new blog called the The McCain Report. (June 11, 2008)

Pro-Hillary Bloggers Abandon Daily Kos
A growing number of Daily Kos diarists are leaving the Daily Kos blog in a protest over the blog's increasingly negative treatment of Hillary Clinton. (March 15, 2008)

Political Blog Readers Skew Older
There are tons of political blogs on the Internet but not everyone is reading them according to a new study from Harris Interactive. (March 10, 2008)

Alan Colmes Launches LiberalLand Blog
According to entries on The Huffington Post, Inside Cable News and TV Newser Fox News anchor Alan Colmes has a "secret blog" called Liberal Land. (December 27, 2007)

Former President Bill Clinton is Blogging
Former President Bill Clinton is blogging on the Join the Journey website. (July 19, 2007)

GOP Candidate Ron Paul Finds Impressive Online Support
GOP candidate Ron Paul has amassed a large number of web savvy supporters. (July 17, 2007)

Senator Obama Thanks Bloggers For Helping Spot CNN Error
CNN made a major blunder in a segment about uncaptured terrorist Osama Bin Laden. (January 2, 2007)

Tech Blogs Bump Conservative Blogs From Technorati Top Ten
The top blogs on the Technorati 100 have changed significantly since this time last year. (January 1, 2007)

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay Now a Blogger
The US News' Washington Whispers reports that Tom Delay has launched a blog. (December 11, 2006)

Campaign Blogger Pay List Compiled
Blog P.I. is compiling a list of bloggers being paid by candidates in blogger/advisor roles. (November 7, 2006)

U.S. Military Blocking Access to Liberal Blogs?
Wonkette reports that the U. (October 27, 2006)

Political Bloggers Planning Google Bombs
Some political bloggers are planning strategic Google bombs that they hope will be seen by people searching for information about a candidate as the November elections draws closer. (October 25, 2006)

Shut Up and Post
The Dixie Chicks have a new blog, Shut Up and Post, for their upcoming movie called Shut Up and Sing. (October 23, 2006)

Rush Limbaugh Says He's Not at War With Conservative Bloggers
Rush Limbaugh says he is not at war with conservative bloggers. (October 18, 2006)

Congressman Foley Resigns in Disgrace
Florida Republican congressman Mark Foley resigned in disgrace yesterday after ABC news got copies of the emails and instant messages that Foley sent to a 16 year-old male page. (September 30, 2006)

Cute Little Elephants and Donkeys Required on New Political Blogs
Mainstream media outlets are busy launching political blogs. (September 26, 2006)

Documenting the Lies in the ABC Propaganda Film The Path to 9/11
A New Zealand blogger who has already seen the nauseating propaganda film being shown on ABC tonight in the U. (September 10, 2006)

Ahmadinejad's Blog Heads for the Technorati 100
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's blog is racing up the Technorati charts. (August 30, 2006)