BlogMedia Now ProBlogging, Inc.

Posted on November 26, 2006

ProBloggingBlogMedia, the publisher of the The Blog Herald, has announced that they are changing the company's name from BlogMedia, Inc. to ProBlogging, Inc.
As many of you have noted over the past few weeks, we've slowly been divesting ourselves of much of our blog network. This is part of a deliberate strategy to move beyond the "wide & deep" network strategy that we have employed in the past in order to refocus our efforts on our consulting business and expand more into services for professional bloggers, including directly consulting in that arena.

Thus, it only makes sense for us to rebrand ourselves as Problogging, Inc.

Our focus will be on serving the needs of the Professional Blogging community and those who wish to enter that arena.
The company is selling some of its smaller blogs, like Sporty Blog, but it is retaining its core blogging sites including The Blog Herald, Blog Network List, Blog Network Watch and ProBlogging, Inc. is also offering blogging services including web hosting, consulting and blog/web design.
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