BlogMedia Puts Biziki Up for Sale

Posted on November 5, 2006

BlogMedia, the publisher of the Blog Herald, has announced that they have put their business blog called Biziki up for sale. The listing can be found on Sitepoint Auctions. The announcements was made in a Blog Herald post.

Biziki is an existing blog that launched in February 2006. The site currently has one lead blogger. His contract is not transferable but he would likely stay on for a similar arrangement.

The blog is focused on business and related leadership, management, and financial topics.

The blog is profitable - earning an average of $260 (USD) monthly.

The design is included - it's a Chris Pearson designed site. Chris is one of the leading designers for Wordpress.

The Biziki discussion thread at Sitepoint also lists the blog's current blogger payment method.
The current blogger earns 100% of the first $150 and 50% of any remaining income. If you're blogging on your own, you obviously don't need him. That's up to the buyer.
There is usually strong interest in blogs that can show an income stream at the Sitepoint Auctions and Biziki has several bids already. The Biziki listing has a Buy It Now listing of $5,000 and the current highest bid is $1,750.

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