BlogOn 2005: Conference and Blog

Posted on August 23, 2005

BlogOn 2005 is a conference covering the business of social media. Some of the confirmed speakers include Seth Godin, Steve Hall (Adrants), Susan Mernit, Scott Rafer (CEO of Feedster), Steve Rubel and Andy Sernovitz ( A full speaker list can be found here. BlogOn 2005 will be held at the Copacabana in New York City, on October 17-18, 2005.

BlogOn 2005 already has an event blog which offers ongoing discussion about the event, the speakers and blogging resources. It will be interesting to see if BlogOn can spark a highly blogged discussion like the July BlogHer conference did. One of BlogHer's topics about women and blogging a-lists ricocheted around the blogosphere.

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