Blogs, Podcasting, RSS All Just Fads?

Posted on October 13, 2005

An article on by Sean Carton warns readers about the five fads of the future: podcasting, weblogs, video, rss and social networking.
You know how it works. You're sitting at your terminal, minding your own business, when the Powers That Be rush in shouting some new term. "Blogs!" they yell, "Blooooggggsss! We must have a blog!" while wildly waving some business magazine article in your face. Erk.

While you don't have much of a choice in the matter, the fact is that many hot new technologies aren't always appropriate for everyone. While they may seem hip and get written about with breathless abandon by business magazines, not all new trends are worthwhile.

They can often turn into giant time-sucks or, worse yet, end up mouldering on the server, starved for the content they need to keep going, making the company look worse by the day as the "last updated" date ages ungracefully.
Yes, blogs can be a time investment and they need to be done right but if your boss is running down the hall screaming for a blog it might be a good to start one -- if only to make your boss happy and keep your job. At the same time you might give your company's customers something they actually want.