Bookeen Releases Multi-Format Electronic Book

Posted on January 7, 2005

CybookBookeen has announced the launch of the Cybook, a multi-format open ebook reading device. The Cybook is available in English and French versions through Bookeen online web store. The Cybook uses a 10 inch color screen and runs on a Microsoft Windows CE operating system. The unit includes connectivity features with a built-in modem and USB, infrared and PC card ports.

The Cybook supports the following common ebook formats: PRC, PDB, HTML, RTF and TXT. Bundled ebook readers are: Mobipocket Reader, uBook Reader, Boo Reader and Boo Reader Vision. Additional programs include Internet Explorer, DOC and XLS editors, a mail manager, and an audio player. Beside the freely available public domain works, about 20,000 copyrighted titles are currently available from online libraries, such as bestselling Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

Bookeen is a privately held company, based in Paris France, founded by former Cytale technology managers Michael Dahan and Laurent Picard The designers of the Cybook, Picard and Dahan, are also the founders of the company.

Laurent Picard said, "After over five hundred years, the book has entered a new era with digital publishing and, with the Cybook, we are very happy to offer an effective solution to this complementary way of reading. Pleasure of reading, total immersion, flexible text presentation, reading in the dark are repeatedly appreciated key features. Amongst recent feedbacks, we were very proud to hear from a 97 year old grand-mother. Suffering from low vision, she nonetheless got easily acquainted with the Cybook and reported reading novels again without visual tiredness. We try to keep in touch with our customers to fulfill their future needs. We receive an above expectation satisfaction feedback from people e-reading everywhere, from their bed to the plane, and some even surprisingly reported reading more since they started using the Cybook."

Image: Bookeen