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Here are the latest posts about BET on The Write News:

Viacom to Acquire BET Holdings
Viacom Inc. (November 3, 2000)

BET To Produce More Films Based on Arabesque Books
BET Pictures II (BET Pictures), the feature film division of BET Holdings II, Inc. (October 23, 2000)

BET Announces Partners for
BET Holdings Chairman and CEO Robert Johnson announced that BET will partner with four media and technology conglomerates to create BET. (August 13, 1999)

BET Holdings Embraces Romance
Arabesque, the only line of original African-American romance novels distributed by a major publisher, is now owned and operated by BET Holdings, Inc. (July 30, 1998)

BET Acquires Heart & Soul Magazine
Debra Lee, President and COO, BET Holdings, Inc. (May 12, 1998)

BET Weekend Tests Newsstand Viability With National Newsstand Promotion
BET Weekend, the nation's leading magazine insert targeted to African Americans, and the second largest black magazine in the country with a circulation of 1. (July 30, 1997)