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Here are the latest posts about ClickZ on The Write News:

ClickZ Starts Blogging
ClickZ has finally launched a blog. (August 22, 2005) Acquries
internet. (September 11, 2000)

ClickZ Launches New Discussion Forum For Online Marketers
ClickZ, an online community for Internet marketers, has announced a new discussion list for debating issues facing the marketing industry -- the ClickZ Forum. (June 23, 1999)

ClickZ Network Launches Search Engine For Online Marketers
ClickZ Corporation announced the launch of a search engine dedicated solely to online advertising, marketing and commerce. (June 11, 1998)

ClickZ Network and Rick E. Bruner Launch Executive Summary for Web Marketers
The ClickZ Network, a family of Web advertising and e-commerce trade publications online, and Rick E. (May 19, 1998)

ClickZ Launches
The ClickZ Network has launched its fourth site, ZCommerce. (April 7, 1998)

ClickZ Corporation Acquires Who's Marketing Online
The ClickZ Network, publisher of the popular daily online marketing resource ClickZ, and Microscope, has announced the acquisition of Who's Marketing Online, a Web-based magazine which provides hands-on tips, reviews, and resource listings for professionals new to online marketing. (April 1, 1998)

ClickZ Announces Refocused
The publishers of ClickZ unveiled a newly revamped Microscope, a site dedicated to a detailed analysis of online advertising campaigns. (January 28, 1998)