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Here are the latest posts about LookSmart on The Write News:

LookSmart Announced Redesign of FindArticles
LookSmart, an Internet search company, has announced a redesign of FindArticles. (April 2, 2005)

LookSmart Acquires Furl.net
LookSmart, an Internet search company, has announced the acquisition of Furl. (October 8, 2004)

LookSmart Launches Full Text Article Search
LookSmart, a provider of Internet search solutions, announced that it has launched a full text article search which provides access to 3. (January 2, 2004)

LookSmart Signs Subsite Listings Deal With Amazon.com
LookSmart, a provider of Web directories, announced that it has signed a Subsite Listings deal with Amazon. (January 19, 2001)

LookSmart Partners With the Gale Group
LookSmart, a web directory, has announced an exclusive partnership with the Gale Group, a leader in research and reference publishing. (May 24, 2000)

Looksmart Partners with IDG.net, Go2Net and Blue Mountain Arts
Looksmart has announced strategic partnerships with IDG. (April 8, 1999)

LookSmart Launches Local Directories
LookSmart Limited has introduced the addition of localized search capabilities in 65 U. (December 11, 1998)

Cox Interactive Media and LookSmart to Create Local Search Engine Network
Cox Interactive Media (CIMedia) and LookSmart, an Internet search service, have introduced a local search engine network. (November 16, 1998)

LookSmart Breaks Into the Web's Top 25 List
LookSmart Limited has broken into the "Top 25 Web Properties" list generated by RelevantKnowledge. (April 9, 1998)

Yack Signs Distribution Agreement with LookSmart
Yack! Inc. (December 10, 1997)

Reader's Digest Announces the LookSmart Network
LookSmart Limited, a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. (August 14, 1997)