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Here are the latest posts about Lucasfilm on The Write News:

Lucasfilm to Provide Star Wars Video Clips for Fans
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lucasfilm is going to put video clips from Star Wars on its website tomorrow that fans will be able to use on social networking websites. (May 24, 2007)

Lucasfilm Announces Reorganization
George Lucas announced that he is bringing his companies of Lucas Digital, LucasArts Entertainment, Lucas Licensing and Lucasfilm Ltd. (February 22, 2003)

Scholastic and Lucasfilm to Create Children's Book Series
Scholastic and >Lucasfilm, the creators of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, have comibined forces to publish The Seventh Tower, a new children's fantasy series under a newly-created LucasBooks imprint. (February 9, 2000)

Scholastic and Lucasfilm Enter Publishing Agreement
Scholastic Inc. (February 9, 1998)