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Here are the latest posts about PBS on The Write News:

Obama Launches Big Bird Ad, PBS Wants it Taken Down
Mitt Romney said in the first debate that he loves Big Bird, but he would cut funding to PBS. (October 9, 2012)

PBS Launching Media and Technology Blog
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is launching a new blog called MediaShift on January 18th. (January 14, 2006)

PBS Launches Resource for Parents
PBS made one of its biggest website launches in years with the launch of PBS Parents. (November 1, 2002)

PBS Kids Website Relaunches
The PBS Kids website has relaunched with a comprehensive backstage look at PBS Kids show characters and engaging educational activities. (February 2, 2000)

New Animated Television Series Based on Clifford The Big Red Dog
PBS and Scholastic Productions have announced that Clifford The Big Red Dog, based on the children's books, will launch as an animated television series on PBS in fall 2000. (January 10, 2000)

AOL and PBS Enter Strategic Online, On-Air Alliance
America Online (AOL) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) have announced a 3-year strategic alliance. (January 10, 2000)

PBS Launches Website Exploring Wonders of the African World
PBS Online has launched Wonders of the African World With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (October 27, 1999)

PBS Online Helps Audiences Get On Target with Y2K
With less than three months to go before the millennial date change, leading Y2K experts speculate that the public will respond to the potential of Y2K-related shortages and outages in one of two ways: 1) panic, and adopt an "every man for himself" attitude, or 2) complacency, and do nothing because they assume that the Y2K 'crisis' will never materialize. (October 7, 1999)

The Wilderness Society Launches Mini Site: America's Wilderness
In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, The Wilderness Society is launching a new mini website, America's Wilderness. (September 3, 1999)

New Website Explores How American Couples Bridge Differences
What happens when two people who seem very different from each other fall in love? What challenges do they face? What joys do they discover? A new website on PBS Online explores how Americans bridge differences in relationships by combining a "quilt" of first-person stories contributed by visitors to the site. (August 25, 1999)

Enjoy Summer Vacation With WayBack, US History for Kids
"Summer Vacation," the newest issue of WayBack, US History for Kids on The American Experience Online takes an entertaining look at the fine art of summer vacations past and present. (June 9, 1999)

Blue Skies for Fly Girls on The American Experience Online
In the midst of World War II, the call went out: women with flight experience were needed to fly for the military as part of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). (May 26, 1999)

MacArthur Returns With The American Experience Online
No soldier has ever captured the American imagination more than Douglas MacArthur. (April 28, 1999)

Surviving the Dust Bowl on The American Experience
The American Experience Online's "Surviving the Dust Bowl" chronicles the story of the disastrous dust storms of the 1930s that swept across the Southern Plains. (April 27, 1999)

Down on the Farm With The American Experience
A family farm. (April 20, 1999)

New Holocaust Feature on The American Experience Online
To commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Ha'Shoah), The American Experience Online has launched America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference, a new website that accompanies the re-broadcast of The American Experience documentary of the same name airing Monday, April 12, at 9pm on PBS. (April 14, 1999)

Grand Canyon Exploration Website Launches
It was a daring mission to explore the last uncharted territory in the United States; the Grand Canyon. (April 7, 1999)

The American Experience Launches Riding the Rails Website
At the height of the Great Depression, 250,000 teenagers were living on the road in America. (March 31, 1999)

American Experience Online Launches Lindbergh Feature
To a generation of Americans, Charles A. (March 25, 1999)

NOVA Online Launches Mysteries of the Nile Website
Mysteries of the Nile provides sweeping views of the archaeological treasures strewn like gems of the gods along the Nile -- including the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Karnak and Luxor temples, and the stone-cut tombs of the Valley of the Kings. (March 3, 1999)