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Here are the latest posts about Technorati on The Write News:

Tech Companies Turn Widgets Into Ads
It has been expected in the tech community that eventually retailers and marketers would have to pay to get bloggers and website owners to put more commerical and marketing-focused widgets on their sites. (May 17, 2007)

Technorati Authority and 180 Day Inbound Link Graphs
Technorati says they have changed the text that used to read "N blogs link here" to a single Technorati Authority number. (May 6, 2007)

Technorati's WTF Means Where's the Fire
Technorati may be building a memedigger type of feature for Technorati called WTF. (January 31, 2007)

The State of the Blogosphere and Posting Frequency
David Sifry, the CEO and founder of Technorati, has a new State of the Blogosphere post. (November 6, 2006)

Odd NYTimes Article About Technorati
Hey, has anyone heard about this cool blog search called Technorati? The New York Times writes as if the blog search engine is new to them. (October 16, 2006)

Technorati Rank and the 180-Day Window
If you are one those whiney bloggers who is always complaining about your Technorati link counts then this post from Technorati should explain it for you. (October 7, 2006)

Engadget Nabs Top Technorati Spot
Engadget has taken the #1 slot on the Technorati 100. (August 20, 2006)

State of the Blogosphere 8-7-06
Technorati has posted a new State of the Blogosphere report. (August 7, 2006)

Technorati Upgrades on Its Third Blogiversary
Technorati has upgraded its website and a post from David Sifry explains the changes to the blog search engine. (July 24, 2006)

Technorati Adds Individual Blog Data Cards
Technorati has added more information about individual blogs. (May 20, 2006)

Technorati 100 List Goes Bonkers
As of this writing Page Not Found from MSNBC. (April 23, 2006)

Technorati Adds List of Most Popular YouTube Videos
Technorati now has a list of the most linked YouTube videos in the blogosphere. (March 29, 2006)

Comedian's Blog Tops Technorati Favorites List
Comedian Jenée's blog has topped the recently launched Technorati list of the 100 Most Favorited Blogs. (March 2, 2006)

Technorati Adds Filter by Authority Slider
Technorati has added a filter by authority slider. (February 14, 2006)

Technorati Adds Icons to Indicate High and Low Inbound Links
Technorati has added new icons to Technorati's search results to indicate blogs that have zero inbound links and blogs that rank in the Technorati 100. (January 10, 2006)

Blog Ranking Tools Favor Recent Inbound Links
The newer ranking tools like BlogPulse. (October 30, 2005)

Technorati Alters Inbound Link Calculations
Technorati has changed the way it ranks inbound links from blogs. (September 30, 2005)

Technorati Sale Rumors Include MySpace and News Corp.
Bloggers are posting rumors started by BL Ochman that Technorati is about to be sold. (August 12, 2005)

Technorati Improves Performance and Adds Languages
David Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati, writes on his blog that Technorati has launched a new language service on Technorati that lets users search by language as an additioal option. (July 28, 2005)