Brit Teens Prefer Faceparty Over MySpace

Posted on April 9, 2006

Faceparty The Observer reports that British teenagers prefer the Faceparty, a blogless social network, over The social networking site has about 6 million members.
Teenagers are so obsessed with the site that last year it saw more traffic than Yahoo's email service, Tesco's website and Amazon. Only eBay, Google and Hotmail are viewed more often in Britain.

The site allows its 6 million members to send each other messages. Members have their own mini-sites with pictures of themselves and details of their tastes. They can browse other members' sites and start conversations with thousands of people they have never met.

'I check my messages every single day,' explained 16-year-old James Hardman from Leeds. 'All my mates do it. We want to find some nice lasses and just text and email each other. We're meeting a couple of them in the school holidays.'

James is one of the rare members brave enough to put his phone number on the site, but says he has only been bothered by 'weirdos' once or twice. He is more coy about the 'adult section' of his site, where members can put up naked pictures of themselves and choose who gets to see them. 'My pictures are quite rude but I haven't let anyone see them yet. I'd be very careful about that.'

The popularity of the site has raised concerns: some parents are worried about inappropriate banter on the site, and the possibility that some 'young people' are adults posing as teenagers.
The Observer says Faceparty charges fees for special features -- like access to cool tools. They also charge a fee for people that want to see the site's adult content.

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