British Columbia Could Lose 1,000 Jobs From Writers' Strike

Posted on November 15, 2007

The fallout from the writers' strike is starting to be felt as production comes to a halt on tv sets. A article says that 1,000 jobs in British Columbia's television industry could be lost because of the strike.
Vancouver-based studios aren't commenting on the strike, which began last week, but veteran publicist Bill Vigars is calling the situation a crisis for B.C. productions.

He says one show, Bionic Woman, starring Michelle Ryan, shut down last Friday, more than a month early.

A source close to the Vancouver production of Battlestar Galactica says that show stops filming tomorrow, although it was supposed to continue shooting until next March.

Vigars estimates another four shows are expected to follow suit, costing at least 150 direct jobs per show, as well as jobs in related industries such as catering or trucking.

B.C. film commissioner Susan Croome says different shows have different numbers of scripts ready to shoot but insists no series in the province has reached a point of desperation, yet.
The writers strike also impacts jobs in U.S. cities other than Los Angeles and New York City. Layoffs could occur as production of shows ends in these cities. Shows that are being produced in Austin and in Miami are just a couple of examples.