Bush Poll Numbers At All-Time Low

Posted on January 27, 2007

After his lackluster performance during the State of the Union address, President Bush is now hit an all-time low in the polls. A new Newsweek poll puts the president's favorability rating at only 30%. It also reveals that 58% of Americans just wish the Bush presidency were over.

71% see Bush as a lame duck. Only 22% think Bush's decisions about Iraq and other major policy are influenced mainly by the facts while 67% say the president's decisions are influenced more by his personal beliefs.

These are numbers that no one in the West Wing wants to see. When the majority of the country sees you as a lame duck who will go down in history as a below-average president, it's unlikely that you'll get any of your legislation passed. Which is a good thing, considering Bush's latest insane proposal: taxing the health benefits that workers receive from corporations that are over $15,000 a year. The idea that giving a tax break to uninsured Americans who go out and buy their own insurance is going to help is ludicrous. Anyone who has tried to get health insurance on his own without being part of a large corporate pool knows how expensive -- and how pathetic -- the coverage is.

Giving an unemployed person a tax break doesn't put money is his pocket -- but it does put money in the pockets of the big insurance companies. Well, at least Bush is consistent in his absolute contempt for the American middle class worker.

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