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Twitter Shares Fall 10% as Lock-up Period Ends (May 6, 2014): Twitter shares are down 10% as lock-up period expires. The lock-up expiration frees about 470 million shares for trading.

FreightCar America's First Quarter Loss Larger Than Expected (May 4, 2014): The first quarter 2014 loss for FreightCar America was bigger than expected. The severe winter was partly to blame.

Apple Reports $10.2 Billion in Net Profits for Second Quarter (April 24, 2014): Apple has reported its second quarter results. The tech giant made $45.6 billion in revenue for $10.2 billion in profts during its second quarter.

GrubHub Shares Soar 31% on Opening Day (April 4, 2014): GrubHub climbed 31% on its IPO day. The company helps people order takeout online and over mobile devices.

Mars Builds New Factory in Topeka (April 2, 2014): Mars has opened a new 500,000 square foot plant in Topeka, Kansas.

Fourth Quarter 2013 GDP Revised Downward to 2.4% (February 28, 2014): The fourth quarter 2013 GDP was revised downward to 2.4% from 3.2% by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

DOW Falls 326 Points on Weak Manufacturing Report (February 3, 2014): The DOW fell 326 points as the stock market continues to slip in the early part of 2014. The Nasdaq also fell and lost 2.61%.

Apple Falls 8% in After Hours Trading (January 28, 2014): Apple shares fell 8% in after hours trading on weaker than expected iPhone sales.

Suntory to Acquire Beam in $16 Billion Deal (January 14, 2014): Suntory has announced plans to acquire Beam in a $16 billion deal. The deal is expected to in the second quarter of 2014.

Kodak Rings Opening Bell at NYSE (January 8, 2014): Kodak rang the opening bell this morning at the NYSE. The company is celebrating its return to the NYSE.

Google Shares Cross $1,000 Mark (October 19, 2013): Google shares crossed the $1,000 this week. It closed on $1,011 on Friday and was up 13.8% on the day.

Henkel Opens World's Largest Adhesives Factory in Beijing (October 9, 2013): Henkel has opened the world's largest adhesives factory in Shanghai. The factory, called the Dragon Plant, features 150,000 square meters of space.

Time Warner Cable May Buy 25% Stake in Hulu (July 12, 2013): Time Warner Cable is reportedly in talks to buy a 25% stake in Hulu. This new follows Hulu's recently canceled auction.

Motorola Gets New Logo with Rainbow Colors (June 27, 2013): Motorola has a new logo indicating its takeover by Google. There are now multiple colors in the circle around the Motorola M.

Krispy Kreme Shares Climbed 21% Friday (June 2, 2013): Krispy Kreme shares climbed 21% Friday on news its annual per-share profit will be 11% or more above its previous forecast.

Angela Merkel Tops Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful Women (May 24, 2013): Angela Merkel has topped Forbes list of its 100 Most Powerful Women. She was followed by Dilma Rousseff, Melinda Gate, MIchelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

Warren Buffett Joins Twitter With Verified Account (May 2, 2013): Warren Buffett has joined Twitter.

Yum Brands Reports Q1 2013 EPS Down 8%, Warns of Bird Flu Outbreak (April 24, 2013): Yum Brands, which owns fast food chains including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, recently reported its results for its first quarter ending March 23, 2013.

Apple Shares Down Nearly 40% Since High (January 26, 2013): This past week was an unusual one for the stock market.

Apple Shares Plunge Over 10% in After Hours Trading (January 23, 2013): Apple (AAPL) shares have plunged over 10% in after hours trading.