Chalkboard Network and CMP Books Announce Partnership

Posted on October 4, 2001

The Chalkboard Network, a provider of online training courses, and CMP Books, a provider of engineering books, have signed an agreement to jointly develop a co-branded series of books and related online courses. CMP Books is a division of CMP Media, a high-tech media company.

The book series, to be called ``The Chalkboard Network Series,'' will focus on providing solutions for engineers designing embedded systems. Each book in the series, published by CMP Books, will have a corresponding Internet-based course hosted by The Chalkboard Network. Subject matter experts are being lined up to create the books and courses, drawing from CMP Books' list of authors and editors and Chalkboard's network of consultants and university professors.

``CMP Books brings to this relationship all of the resources that you would expect from a large publisher -- name recognition, marketing muscle, and a global distribution network,'' said Bob Zeidman, president and founder of The Chalkboard Network. ``This relationship will further increase the reach of our courses to our target audience -- engineers and professionals at high-tech companies.''

``What we like about Chalkboard,'' said Robert Ward, acquisitions editor at CMP Books, ``is their focus on engineering and the quality of their current offerings. Being a small company, Chalkboard can get things done quickly, which gets us into this fast growing e-learning market sooner than we could do otherwise.''