Citizens Using Web to Monitor and Record the Elections

Posted on November 7, 2006

Citizens Record the VoteThe Internet has added multiple new methods for allowing the public to monitor voting problems. We already mentioned a couple websites in earlier posts here and here but more websites allowing people to digitally monitor the elections continue to appear. There are websites that let you submit photos, video, forms, etc. about your voting experience. Some of these websites are monitoring for irregularites while others are simply recording democracy in action.

You can also use the phone to report problems such as the 1-866-OUR VOTE number provided by the National Campaign for Fair Elections. Obviously, you can also simply blog your voting experience.

Flickr also has thousands of photos about the 2006 elections.

Update: We have removed the list of links to the election monitoring sites because many of them no longer exist in 2015. However, don't be surprised if many return - or if similar monitoring sites spring up - for the next election.