CliffsNotes Goes Online

Posted on December 28, 1999

IDG Books Worldwide has announced the launch of offers a catalogue of downloadable CliffsNotes titles. The site also offers a choice of free email newsletters that provide daily advice. As downloads or for shipping from the IDGB warehouse, the CliffsNotes literary guides cost $4.99 each and the CliffsNotes lifestyle titles cost $8.99 each.

"For over 40 years, students have placed their trust on CliffsNotes," said John Kilcullen, CEO of IDG Books Worldwide (IDGB). "People often tell us affectionately, 'CliffsNotes saved my butt in school.' builds on this trust and is quicker to the rescue. When the library is closed and the stores have called it a day, is going to be there for you."
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