Colbert Low Blogs for Multiple Blog Networks

Posted on January 5, 2006

Colbert LowColbert Low is now blogging for Know More Media, a business blog network headquartered in Orange County, CA. Colbert Low will be covering technology for Know More Media's ITechTips blog. Low was already a busy blogger before taking on the iTechTips blogger job. He also blogs at The Gadget Blog and Albafan (a Jessica Alba blog) for b5media. And he runs blogs at BlogSearchEngine, TheSMSGuide Blog and McLady.

On top of these blogs the press release says Colbert is also a Linux System Engineer at a global oil and gas company in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Bloggers looking to increase their income in 2006 may want to take a page from Colbert Low's playbook and try blogging for multiple blog networks.

There is some overlap with Colbert's blogging but as long as the blog network owners don't mind -- and they aren't paying for exclusivity -- it may be a good way for bloggers to increase their revenues.
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