Detour Media Launches Detour Custom Publishing

Posted on June 20, 2000

Detour Magazine, Inc. d/b/a Detour Media has announced the formation of Detour Custom Publishing, a new division which will be engaged in the custom publishing business. Detour Custom Publishing intends to engage in the custom publishing of other magazines in a joint venture or strategic alliance basis with a particular focus on dot-com companies seeking brand extension into print.

Edward Stein, chairman of the board of Detour Media said, ``Detour has demonstrated a historical competency in the publishing business evidenced by the successful publication of Detour Magazine for thirteen years and will now extend that core competency to other companies as well.''

Andrew Left, the CEO for Detour Publishing, noted: ``As we move forward in our implementation of the Detour Media international strategic plan, Detour Custom Publishing will demonstrate that Detour is a full media company able to offer turn key marketing solutions for Internet companies interested in expanding their platform.'' He further stated, ``These solutions range from placement of advertising and art direction to production, printing and circulation, providing our prospective clients with an immediate expertise, which will allow these clients to get to market quickly with the greatest penetration.''

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